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What Others are Saying... About Gatha Crowson
by Yancey Sumners of Miami, FL

Why is Gatha sought after by Christian women around the world? I already know what my wife thinks about her effectiveness and realism. I've listened to the women in our church family after her workshops, seminars and training classes. What about other Christians? Listen to their own words as they describe what they think of Gatha Crowson.

...cleaning out closets
What is Gatha's Mission in Life?  What is it that drives her to travel the world teaching and training in churches and corporations?  These were some of the questions I wanted to ask as I sat down with Gatha on my back patio.  I believe the church needs more women like 
Gatha.  Women of courage and wisdom who are willing to take the time and effort to share and teach the younger women of our number. I had known of her from times past when she had visited our church and held different classes. I had also sat and talked with her early one morning last year on a beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  We both were attending the Caribbean lectureship.  Gatha was there as a speaker/trainer for the women.  I had heard of her work with Christian women  throughout the Islands and America.  But I really didn't know her that well.  But now she was a guest in our home.  She was in Miami to work in our congregation's 'Spring Break Program'.  For the past week my wife Rene and I had been able to see her 'up close' as she worked with small groups, large classes, and one-on-one with individuals.  We marveled at this woman who completely gave herself to whoever she was speaking with at the time.  Whether it was one person, fifty or a thousand she always gave 100% of herself.  She could have you laughing one moment and crying the next.  Her homespun wisdom gleaned from years of studying the truth and years in the "University of Life" captivated those around her.  She was a refreshing positive breeze in a world rift with negative thought.
     "What made her presence even more impressive was the fact that Gatha had buried her very best friend Carol the day she was scheduled to come to Miami.  She came the next day anyway.  Suffering from the grief and shock of this unexpected and untimely death she still gave her very best to all those who came to hear her speak and to talk with her personally.  Her presence with us at such a crucial time in her life was a testimony of her faith in God and her commitment to Him.  rene and I quickly fell in love with this wonderful sister in Christ.  If you ever have the privilege to spend time with her, you will too!"  -Yancey Sumners

Dalton, GA - "Three years ago I heard you speak for the first time at a Ladies Day.  You saved my marriage.  Because of the impact Gatha's training had on our employees as far as teamwork, problem solving techniques, stress management, dealing with difficult people, developing effective listening skills and customer service, our CEO signed a contract with Gatha as a consultant for our company over 7 months ago and the work she has done for our company has been outstanding.  Her godly life shows in everything she does....she is always working for the Lord."       
     -Lisa Burt, Corporate Executive, Paradise Mills

Torrance, CA - Gatha is compassionate and inspirational - more than just a motivator, Gatha helps folks refashion their very being.  As such, I like to think of the work she does as soul making - and she does it so beautifully.  So many have commented on your presentation.  I just smile and say 'I told you she would touch your life'.  I knew you would because you have touched mine.  I am deeply honored to be your friend."       
     -George M. Robinson, Clinical Psychologist,  President West Coast Christian Publishing, Inc.

Nashville, TN - "Gatha brings strangers like myself into her home. Everywhere she goes she has the gift of drawing people to her. She is such an inspiration and her work in the Lord's vineyard is so needed!"
     -Linda Blanks, RN, businessowner

Texarkana, AR - "The response to the ladies retreat has been tremendous.  So many have come up to me at church and expressed how much it helped them.  They said you were the most personable speaker they've ever had, that most speakers return to their room as soon as they speak and don't mingle with the people. Thank you for coming such a long distance, for going way beyond the call of duty and reaching in and touching people's lives. God really is using you in a most wonderful way.
     -Beth Pigg, Jackson, MS

Miami, FL - "As an elder and minister I can state without reservation that Gatha Crowson has blessed our lives immensely with her Biblical-based presentations, but most of all her living example, modeling the lifestyle of Jesus.  I have been working in the Caribbean over 20 years now, and I knew that Gatha's Biblical teaching was especially needed because the typical role of women in the islands has been that of abuse and neglect.  The impact Gatha had on the women in Antigua at the Caribbean lectureships was awesome and wonderful!  As a result she has had many opportunities to work with the women on different islands and bring hope to their lives.  They are pleading with her to return again this year!"  
     -Dr. Rex Moorer, Sevierville, TN

Kentucky - "Informative, thought provoking!  The illustrations about the 10 commandments were outstanding!"
     -Jeanette Francis, Welcome Wagon, State of Kentucky

Conway, AR - "Thank you so much for the wonderful Ladies Day you presented on Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Life: From Forgiveness to Freedom. This was such a blessing and so timely for our ladies. You helped us identify the issues confronting us, the obstacles in the way of forgiving ourselves. You 'held a mirror' up to our souls and helped us see things as they really are - in the light of God's Word. Your insight into the subject is incredible and I so appreciate your ability to touch each of us on a personal level. Your style of blending humor and intensity creates a perfect environment for learning on a spiritual and emotional level. Thank you again for your labor of love among my church family. You have touched our hearts and lives in a way we will never forget."  
     -Kim Wilson

Cullman, AL - "Those of you who heard Gatha last year know that we are about to receive a rich blessing from a very gifted speaker. Gatha has accomplished so much while coping with chronic pain from her debilitating illnesses. She routinely donates her services to speak to others suffering from these afflictions at their organizations and support groups. She truly is a lady who is living the example of Philippians 4:13, 'I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.' What a privilege to have Gatha for our Ladies Retreat two years in a row."
     -Shelley Parnell (now at Lubbock College, Lubbock, TX)

St. Lucia, Caribbean Islands - "You've made such a difference in my life. I could not believe people like you existed. You are one in a million. You are wonderful. I thank you so much for speaking at the lectureship in Antigua where I met you years ago. From the first time I heard you speak I couldn't believe it.  You were great. I knew if I spoke to you about my problem you would understand, help me, guide me through God's word. I have been a changed person since I met you.  I have a better relationship with Bertram. Do you know you change lives? Great will be your reward in Heaven!  God loves you and you better believe it. I LOVE YOU TOO! Keep it up! You are GREAT!"
     -Allison Jean

Hixson, TN - "What a blessing it was to have you visit Hixson last weekend. The Spirit spoke through you to some specific needs of our ladies. Your words were a particular blessing to me. I felt encouraged as a parent, spouse, and spiritually. Many of the ladies are talking of having you back for a weekend. I'll be in touch soon about the specifics.  
     -Jane Beasley

Toney, AL - Gatha Crowson is an inspiring and overwhelming public speaker! The first time that I heard her speak it was as if I was the only one there with her, although there were hundreds on other women in the room. I felt as I am sure others among me did, that she was talking to me. This is because her message is one that we can all relate to, it is universal in that anyone, regardless of profession, religion, political party, or age can truly appreciate. She sends a message of something we all possess but need to know better, our self.
     Gatha has an energy level that I, at 25, wish I could have. She flutters among her audience like a butterfly among a cluster of wild flowers. She uses the butterfly as a symbol for personal growth, as it is the caterpillar's choice to become something more. As I looked around the room I could see the emotions change by the look on my fellow audience member's faces. To hear Gatha talk of the things she has been through amazed me to see a professional woman, a mother, as well as a grandmother so full of life!  Many of us would have tossed-in-the-towel long ago but Gatha found the strength through God and herself to make it through. Gatha has a wonderful talent which she uses to spread her message, humor. She brought us all from laughter to tears in her final five minutes. She turns tragedy into triumph and tears into laughter.
     When Gatha had finished speaking, I felt like a new person ready to go out and tackle the world! The difference I felt in me was incredible. In talking with others that had heard her speak the consensus was the same, Gatha had brought something back to our lives that had been missing for a long time--hope--joy for tomorrow. It may not have been the same thing for everyone, but for me it was the ability to turn the mirror around and look at me. Today she passes her message of survival and growth to thousands of people worldwide."
     -Kirsten Harkness

Wayne, MI - "Gatha has a fountain of experience to share.  But what sets her apart as a dynamic teacher is that she totally opens up her life like a book whose pages are covered with her own personal pain, struggle, failure, joy and triumph."
     -Rachel Hickman

Tampa, FL - It is a comfort to know that another has faced many of the same trials that many of her listeners are now facing and has found positive ways to not only endure but thrive."
      -Alice Anderson

Downers Grove, IL - "I deeply admire your ability to look deep within and express your fears, feelings, successes, failures, and pain with such unabashed candor and leave us searching God's word for more.  You are truly remarkable."
     -Grace Stanford

Nashville, TN - "It is the Zig Zigglars and Gatha Crowsons who bring motivation and growth to individuals in the workforce.  I have worked with Mr. Zigglar.  Gatha's work and abilities certainly match his.  Her program 'Stepping Stones to Professional Development' is dynamic!
     -Helen Andrews. World Christian Broadcasting

Greenville, MS - "I know of no woman who goes about the country and actually the nation doing more good than this Lydia, this Gatha Crowson.  There are many things I already know about Gatha Crowson.  I have sat in her seminars which she conducts for corporations and communities.  I have heard how she magically weaves God into everything she does regardless of whether it is for a corporation, a civic or professional group or a group of Christian women.  I have noticed that the people in the corporate world from top executives to the janitor are impressed with her wisdom.  Those who are Bible students recognize her material and the rest of her audience in the business world just thinks that she is a wise woman.  Our women at the South Main Street Church are still sharing glowing reports concerning Gatha's presentation to them.  And while in Greenville, she also reached out to our community through our Optimist Club.  Gatha is truly an electronic Lydia with her powerbook Mac and her electronic Bible."  
     -John Pigg, Jackson, Minister

Conway, AR - Fifty-seven ladies participated in a retreat with speaker, Gatha Crowson, that they will not soon forget.  The following comments from some of those who attended speak for themselves:
  "The most uplifting weekend I have ever experienced."
  "We developed closer relationships."
  "We can cope with life better after this weekend."
  "The weekend touched everybody's heart and made you look into yourself."
  "Gatha helps you be more tolerant of people and understanding where
     they come from."
  "Gatha taught me how to deal with my children's personality traits as
  "She challenged me to make changes in my life that I had not realized
     needed to be changed and helped me realize that everybody struggles
     and I am okay because God made me."
  "I am better off after hearing what she said because her information was
     for everybody in any situation."
  "Gatha was fantastic!  Can we have her back next year?"
     -Debbie Moreland, Robinson & Center Church

Lecturer 'hasn't got time for the pain'-

“Our hearts were wrenched and burdens lightened as Gatha Crowson shared the traumatic events of her life.  Gatha related that she is a product of a dysfunctional family, that drug addiction, alcoholism, or physical and verbal abuse are passed on from generation to generation, unless we choose to stop them with us.” 
     This was the observation of Betty Eldridge of Connersville, IN, and Peggy Spargo of Richmond, VA, after attending a Gatha Crowson seminar in October. Her topic of the day was “Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Life” for women in every walk of life who are looking for a closer walk with God.
      Crowson, a Christian and member of the Elk View Church in Athens, AL, where she has developed material and taught women’s and children’s classes for many years, lectures nationwide for government and business circles, students, prison inmates, civic and  professional associations and special events.
     Her customized presentations are “guaranteed to give her audience the skills and confidence to succeed, as she has for us on an international level for the past several years,” says Regina Payne, past Director of Leadership Development, Optimist International, which naturally brings about a paradigm shift.”
     How has she gone about developing this theme so convincingly?  She explained: “Life experiences produce growth and are nothing more than ‘homework from God’ . I am in charge of what I do with the homework, either positively or negatively.” 
     Honey Ferguson, writer for the Decatur Daily, noted, “Experiences such as emotional and sexual abuse showed her that pain not dealt with has a negative impact on the rest of your life. She was told frequently, ‘You are fat, dumb and ugly.’ This so distorted her self-image that she began to write about how she felt, crying as she did so...grieving her losses. Slowly she began to realize that she would have to come to terms with the past in order to have a present and a future. She learned to clean out her own closet on her own. She turned to older women to only have them tell her, ‘get over it’, or ‘what are you doing to cause it?’ She thought “something must be wrong with me,” until she cleaned out her closet.  Crowson observed, “We can be happy in the present, learning, growing, developing...when we leave the past.”
“Need a shoulder to cry on? She’ll change her plans and listen.”
“We deal with it or carry the garbage with us, collecting it in our closets...affecting every relationship. It is like baking a cake with rotten eggs. As long as we have secrets hidden inside of us, every part of our lives, every relationship is contaminated by the poison.” She also noted, “I’m the only one who has access to what lies within. I am in control of my own destiny.”
     Crowson, a Motivational Humorist began her speaking career years ago while visiting a friend in Tampa, FL. Members of the class asked her to return for their annual ladies retreat. sharing her story of “how” she reclaimed her life through cleaning out the closet of her life.....from depression and wanting to die to parasailing and snorkeling, from attempted suicide to a contented, successful business woman who trusts God. At 65 yrs of age she has energy to spare, living her life with zesto as she plays with her 10 grandchildren, travels internationally having given over 6,000 presentations in the United States alone, by word-of-mouth advertising.
     She suffers a 26-year physical disability which causes continual pain, battling the debilitating fatigue of Fibromyalgia, but rather than dwelling on it, “she is wonderfully bringing healing to the hurting people in our world,” says Tommy Carter Alabama State Representative.
     While in her 30’s, with five children and Fibromyalgia, Crowson accepted the challenge of becoming a student majoring in psychology. Early in life, she earned an on-the-job-degree in human development and performance.
     Now after 40 years of analysis, research and implementation in the fields of applied behavioral science, Crowson brings a unique depth of sensitivity to her specialities of leadership, recruiting and managing volunteers, team building, and stress management and her first love - Christian Maturity.
     She has the ability to take complex issues and translate them into easily understood, readily applied concepts, skills and actions.
     She is the speaker and author of many tapes, books, including "The Ultimate Recruiting Technique: the G.A.T.H.A. Principle", a training program that is being used by civic and professional organizations, recently published in the Credit Professionals International Education Manual. Crowson is recognized in the association and business world as one of the leading authorities on “recruiting” (in the top 1% internationally) and runs two businesses, one of which is a multi-million dollar sales force where recruiting is a part of her everyday life.
     What is her focus? “Working God's Plan daily, accepting God’s special homework for me, thereby ‘Becoming My Own Best Self’!”       
     -Glover Shipp



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