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Who is Gatha Crowson?

Her Mission:

“To be the instrument God uses, as a consultant, to assist individuals in finding the power that lies within them so they can begin their voyage that will take them from where they are to where they want to be” whether physical, emotional, spiritual, financial and whether personal or professional- with 3 simple steps in only 4 visits.”

Her "Life Coach" Clients:
“The depression was gone in 1 visit”, “as a minister I was skeptical, she identified the problem and fixed it, I’m recommending her”, “my blood pressure dropped from 186/131 to 138/101 in only 1 visit”, “she took me from pain to health and happiness in 3 easy steps”, “my anxiety is gone”, “in 4 visits my life has changed forever, nothing holding me back from reaching my goals”, “she source of

my pain, fear, anger is gone…joy and happiiness fill my life”, “it is great to not only feel, but KNOW there is a great future for me”, “my husband noticed the difference over the phone before I got home”. “As a Doctor of Homopathy Gatha’s work is beyond the cutting-edge.” “As a doctor of chiropractic and healing, Gatha uses a specific tool to assist healing the body when emotions are the cause of pain and disease.”

Her audiences:
“Gatha changes lives”,  “takes you from laughter to tears”, “she has the unique ability to make you laugh, make her point, leaves us knowing “how-to” implement”, “you know you can reach your goals”, “whatever topic she is assigned, she gets raving reviews”, “we give her standing ovations”, “we give her the highest honor, the ultimate compliment paid to any speaker-invitations to return again and again”.

Her Sales Team:
“She is ALWAYS there for you, whether goal setting, a plan of action, looking for a solution, someone to listen…she was us to shine.”

Her co-workers:
  “She challenges each of us to search for our strengths, to use them daily to enhance our self-confidence and build stronger personal and professional relationships.  Results? The return on our strengths is always going up-up-up (some of her favorite words).  You have it – use it! She says.”

Her co-workers:
“She challenges each of us to search for our strengths, to use them daily to enhance our self-confidence and build stronger personal and professional relationships.  Results? The return on our strengths is always going up-up-up (some of her favorite words).  You have it – use it! She says.”

Her friends: 
“She is the rose that after winter always emerges.  She listens.  She shares her expertise in such a simple way that you leave knowing you were touched-by-an-angel and your life will never be the same again.”

Her grandchildren: 
“MaMaNaN is fun!  She will try anything with you!  Time with MaMaNan is NOT boring!”

Her children: 
“Mama has always been on the cutting-edge and often before her time.  She was not and is not perfect, but she can say ‘I am sorry’, change, and move forward.”

Her husband: 
“Gatha is not afraid of change.  She constantly is looking for ways to expand her business and grow in her personal life.    She is a ‘solution-seeker’ not a ‘problem-beater’.  She says, ‘Identify the problem in 2 minutes maximum…then look for the solution immediately.’  Relationships mean everything to Gatha.  If she disappoints you it breaks her heart.  She is my Queen.”

“All of my life experiences (from childhood to adulthood, from abuse to freedom, from single mother to a great man, from an empty nest to 10 grandchildren, from beginnings to endings) all have been God’s homework for me, preparing me for this moment in time.

    1. to happily live with a great man
    2. to be the mother of 5 who direct their own ship
    3. to be MaMaNan to 12 and soon to be 13 (grandchildren and great grandchildren) who know me and still love me
    4. to be a catalyst in others reaching their dreams and goals
    5. to work with some of the greatest minds in corporate American and this industry
    6. to be a co-founder of a multi-million dollar company, Tidal Wave, Inc.
    7. to be a daughter of a King
    8. to touch a life…what a miracle in itself

This is my task and I love it!”

Her success story has not been easy.  Her life speaks for itself…

“from the ironing board to the executive board”

She traveled, speaking at international, national, state, local conventions, reaching-out to fibromyalgia sufferers offering them hope. She came early…she left late.  You see Gatha had gone from a wheelchair to parasailing, riding mopeds, snorkeling in 90 days.  Once again “she HAD to share her story”.

If you knew Gatha you would know why she had to share this amazing discovery with everyone she knew who had fibromyalgia. It was the same reason that caused her to share with abused women how they could rise from the depths of despair to being recognized internationally for their accomplishments.  Since Gatha had always been in the people-helping business, she saw an avenue for a ministry for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue sufferers.

Why did she share this info to women internationally?  She "had to" because you see she had experienced sexual, emotional and physical abuse for 17 years in a previous marriage.  Raising five children in an alcoholic, "rageoholic" environment, teaching them they could be anything they wanted to be was no easy task, but Gatha finally learned after 15 years in this abusive environment "how-to" be everything she had been created to be. The last 2 years of this highly dysfunctional marriage Gatha functioned as a normal human being because she was learning "how-to" apply God¹s homework to her life.

Little wonder her motto is "Professional Development ALWAYS Begins With Personal Growth!"  Others often say about her "from the ironing board to the executive board".  Both statements are what Gatha Crowson is all about.

How could she build a business with a prolapsed mitro-valve, the debilitating fibromyalgia syndrome with chronic fatigue, arthritis, migraines, and many other problems common to FMS?   This woman who drew disability for 12 years and was housebound for 10 of those years?  The answer is simple...Gatha was determined to show her children and grandchildren that in spite of what she calls "life experiences" that you can do anything that you want to do. 

Gatha began her career by writing her life's story and the ball began rolling and there was no stopping it.  Her story went from pin to public appearances, speaking to religious audiences, telling life how it "really is" and letting women know that regardless of your level of dysfunction or the pain in your life experiences, you CAN overcome, start over, step out, and be EVERYTHING you were created to be.

Women in the business world heard Gatha speak, gave her business card to their company...and into corporate America she sailed.  Through the greatest advertising known to man "word-of-mouth", Gatha has presented over 6,000 presentations in the U.S. alone. She became the President of the American Society for Training and Development and her credentials and honors go on and on.

Could Gatha relate to these women who:
        -- wanted to start their own business?
        -- wanted to take charge of their lives?

Listen to her own words... "Through the years we exhausted all monies traveling throughout the nation, in search of a cure. From the best doctors and clinics around the country, including pain clinics, holistic medicine...”You name--I've done it!”  In 1986 the doctors told me I would be in a wheelchair the rest of my life.  My pain had intensified and my weight had escalated.  I was depressed on top of everything else. I would NOT give up.  I was seen by the best doctors in the country and attended pain clinics to learn to cope with the never dying, never sleeping pain."

In spite of Gatha's pain she continued to travel and speak throughout the world. She loved the traveling (one her goals), however, when you travel the airlines change the pressure in the plane before take-off and landing. When the pressure changed her body felt it would explode with pain.  Every joint, from the small joints in her toes to the top of her head, every ounce of tissue, fiber, muscle in her body would rebel, radiating pain so intense that it took all of her concentration on relaxation and control to keep her face straight so the passengers seated next to her would not know that her body's pain had escalated so high it was almost unbearable.

Going back in time….In 1975 a southern gentleman entered Gatha's life and became her knight-in-shining armor, adopting her five children (at their request).  By 1980, Gatha and Carey have exhausted all of their financial resources.  Carey cashed in his retirement to send Gatha to special clinics, doctors, hospitals across the U.S. in search of a cure for fibromyalgia.

Did being broke and in pain stop Gatha?  She continued to travel because she was passionate about teaching people "how-to" change their lives, develop their leadership skills, and change paradigms.  A mother of five and "MaMaNaN" to soon-to-be 13 grandchildren and great grandchildren, she brought motivation, continuing education, professional development and personal growth to corporate America, civic, business, professional and religious organizations.  But...this did not give them financial freedom.  And it did not give the Crowsons financial freedom.

Unfortunately, Carey had to stay home with his JOB. They saw Social Security as their only future…remember…Carey had cashed in his retirement for Gatha’s health. Their future appeared dim.

For over 30 years friends told Gatha she should be in sales...from real estate to insurance and beyond.  Sales was not attractive to Gatha.  Remember she was in the "people-helping" business and she LOVED it!

Then came the time when she had more speaking requests than she could fill. She found out quickly that she could not duplicate herself. Yet she had read that Harvard endorsed and taught a business model where you could duplicate yourself and not work 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year. She began researching this industry.

Gatha was not resistant to change. Paradigms had certainly been a part of her life.

Gatha added a new industry (and product) to her resume’. 

After finding "the next trillion dollar opportunity" and a "natural" facelift product, Gatha built a multi-million dollar business across the United States with Sales Reps in almost every state over an 18-month period.

The facelift product created a paradigm shift for Gatha and took her business into specialized markets and now it just wasn't in the United States, now she was reaching North America and beyond!

The facelift is very much like Gatha...

  • you see what you get
  • it speaks for itself
  • it can impact lives




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