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Associations -  What do they think of Gatha's Work?

Optimist International Leadership Development - "Testimonals include: "Powerful and insightful."  "Optimistic attitude and demonstrates the Creed well."  "Educational with a flair."  Beautiful blend of information and humor."  "Articulate and thought provoking."  "I have traveled from the Philippines and this session was worth my travel."  "Contemporary approach to learning."  Your 'Advanced Train-The-Trainer' workshop for our International Governors and Governor-Elects was outstanding.  Thanks for being a part of our faculty or keynote speaker for many years."  -Regional Payne, Director

American Society for Training and Development, North AL Chapter -
"She took our organization from 44 to 152 in one year...she knows about recruiting and retainment." -John Haley, Past President

Pilot International - "She gets the results her clients want!  Your 'Advanced Train-The-Trainer' workshop for our International Governors and Governor-Elects was outstanding." -Joann Horton, International President

Y's Men North Atlantic Regional Convention - "Outstanding presentation and workshop on Recruiting and Retention.  It was unbelievable that you kept our attention, left us wanting more, was informative, entertaining and gave us the "how-to's".  And more unbelievable 7-minutes into your 3-hour presentation you were notified of your Father's death.  We know with certainly that you 'practice what you preach'. Your commitment touched our hearts."  -David Hasenfus, Regional Director

Optimist International, Athens, AL - "She went into Jasper and started a new club in five weeks with 47 members and knew only one person before she began developing the chapter.  Her individual efforts and commitment won the Builder of Excellence award.  The 'spirit of optimism' at its best."  -Tom Causey, President

Pilot International - "Gatha was so well received at our International Conference in Honolulu, both as our keynote speaker and trainer for our governors and governors-elect, that many states have invited her to speak at their conventions.  She gets the results her clients want!" -Joann Horton, International President

American Business Women Association, AL State Conference - "Gatha empowers women to reach for goals that previously seemed impossible.  The fruits of her presentation were immediately apparent in our membership drive."  -Ellena P. Smith  

Credit Professionals International - "Outstanding, informative, entertaining!  Your time with us was much too short."  -Bonnie Jones, Regional Governor of Eight States

Shoals Optimist Club - "The Professional Development Day 'Stepping Stones to Stress Management' was a tremendous success.  We cleared about $2400 which is $1000 more than last year.  Our professionals were so thrilled to get 7.6 CEU'S without extra time, travel or lodging expenses.  We are talking about next year already." -Merwin Jean Clark, President

Perimeter Civitan - "The information you shared was eye-opening and inspiring and will prove very important as we expand our membership." -L. Kemball Evan

American Cancer - "A highly movtivating force within any organization.  She united and inspired us to achieve more and people thrive under her direction constantly taking on new challenges, a team player and spirited she moves organizations forward under her leadership."  Lori Lawler, Director

Pilot International, Tri-State Conference - "Your message was most timely, welcomed and enthusiastic. We often think that the only people who know about Pilot are Pilots.  It has been my experience, and once again you have proved, that membership recruitment and retention, leadership development, and public relations/community visibility are common problems in any organization, whether you belong to Pilot International, American Association of University Women, or the Christian Church.  Identifying the problem quickly and offering "how-to" solutions was taken to heart."  -Lorraine Banning, Governor

Dothan Optimist Club - "You touched the heart of each younger person in the audience with your presentation, Stepping Stones to Leadership: Developing the Youth of Tomorrow.  As usual when Gatha speaks all eyes and ears are on her.  Gatha is such an inspiration, with her light-hearted way of mixing training with fun so you don't loose interest and get bored.  Everyone left the banquet with their hearts committed to expanding our efforts to helping the youth in our community, and our membership grew as a result of your being with us."  Spud Thomas, President

Y's Men U.S. Convention - "Your keynote was right-on-target.  I was extremely impressed to see you networking among our members and sharing in our meals and meetings."  -Rachelle R. Reeg, Co-Chair





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